Rate My Shows 

   An Android Mobil App


Rate My Shows gives you a complete ability to create listings of the shows you have watched. You can quickly find out if you have already watched a show, all from your smart android device.


The advanced features of the free system include the following; all for free with no ads.

1.    Create your own categories of shows and immediately get a list of all shows or just that category.

2.    Get the list in 'alphabetic' order, 'ranked' order (high to low), or 'last watched' order.

3.    Send any of these lists to a friend.

4.    Search the list (with a ‘keyed’ search or a voice recognition search) to further reduce the selection based on the streaming service, keywords, the Title, or even the year watched.

5.    The latest release gives you the ability to ‘sync’ your database with other devices so that any update by any of the devices will ‘sync’ over to the other devices automatically.


The Premium features of the system are:

1.    The system uses advanced 'voice recognition' for data entry and for searches. It's very fast to find a show or enter a new show just with your voice.

2.    If you have been maintaining a spreadsheet of shows, you can 'Import' them into our system. That way you’ll have the listings on your mobile devices.


The system is free at this time, but if you would like to support us, please purchase the annual subscription for only $2.99.


Either way, upload the App from the Google Play Store from your Android device. Search on ‘Rate My Shows’.


Enter your show information on this screen. You can do this with Voice Recognition (VR) and is extremely fast.


Data elements include: Category, Title, Date last watched, the service (Netflix, Prime, NBC, etc.), your rating, the number of seasons/episodes, and your description of the show.








This example shows an alphabetic listing of your ‘Crime’ Shows.  The ‘Category’ can be quickly changed by touching the Category box (currently ‘Crime’). 


You can further select the Title, Service, date watched, and any words in the Description. Thus, you could select just Netflix Crime Shows watched in 2020 by saying ‘netflix and crime and 2020’.






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